I’m Katie: a recent graduate of Notre Dame with a degree in Russian and an unhealthy obsession with dill. Fortunately for me, these two things go well together, and now I am spending a year as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) in Ukhta, Komi Republic, Russia. There I hope to increase my understanding of the Russian language, culture, and people, while at the same time exposing Ukhta to a bit of America-in-the-flesh and consuming absurd amounts of sour cream… and dill.


I should clarify: Ukhta isn’t actually north of everywhere. Just most wheres.

See? Still one province north of Komi.
See? Still one province north of Komi.


This blog is not an official Fulbright Program website. The views expressed on this blog are entirely those of its author and do not represent the views of the Fulbright Program, the U.S. Department of State or any of its partner organizations.


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  1. Just got a link to this site from Alyssa G. I have spent all morning reading the whole thing and reminiscing of the past. My last trip to Russia was in 97 so the changes there are less striking to me since my earlier trips were to the CCCP. Being a Stareek I got a kick out of your comment about being without Internet access for two days. My first two trips were for five and a half weeks with no contact other than mail which in most cases we beat home. Your adventures fascinate me as I wish I had been able to do what you are doing. Stay safe and enjoy what will be major event in your lifetime. I had to settle for teaching English to Americans because during my lifetime things were different for Slavic language graduates. You can email me if you want. Всего хорошего! Дядя Рон


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