things I wish I’d known: march

I’m not 100% sure what to make of this month. I feel like it definitely hasn’t been a month since, um, a month ago. Really though: a month ago I was getting ready to go to Syktyvkar, and then I came back and saw the northern lights and got sick for a week. That feels like yesterday. Time is going by really quickly. That’s a good thing (going home soon!) and also a bad thing (leaving Ukhta soon!).

So in that tiny moment-of-a-month, I wish I’d known:

  1. that you can pay as many months of internet service at once as you want.
  2. how much sun Ukhta can get… so I didn’t have to totally despair in the winter.
  3. how quickly the day length changes… so trying to tell time by the sun’s position in the sky really doesn’t work and will result in being late to everything.
  4. that I have bad luck with all washing machines, and if I use the dorm machine, it will inevitably break and keep all my socks captive inside for several hours.
  5. that even when I recover my socks, they will look dirtier than they were when I put them in, so handwashing is probably the way to go with this one.
  6. that Katherine Mansfield is too much for intermediate ESL students who have maybe never encountered stream-of-consciousness narration in any language.
  7. that I will have actually no time and should get out of unnecessary commitments ASAP, rather than waiting until it’s too late to pull out and still be a responsible, considerate person.
  8. how much fun writing grammar worksheets is!
  9. that Russian deodorant is literally useless, as in totally ineffective, and if I’m already going to bring enough from the USA to last me six months, I may as well bring enough to last me nine months.
  10. that serving your guests tea before lunch is a social faux pas. Just don’t do it.
So much sun, we had a rainbow without rain! Like a solar halo.

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