things I wish I’d known: february

I think this is the first time I’ve missed the end of the month for my “I wish I’d known…” post. Oops. Can we blame it on February for being short? –But, aha! figured out how to retroactively post this to February 29, for future-organization’s sake. Aren’t I clever.

This month, I wish I’d known:

  1. how quickly months can fly by if you’re busy every day; therefore it’s better to do the whole job application thing before you’re busy every day.
  2. that becoming friends with an ambitious music teacher is dangerous, if you don’t want to perform.
  3. that being a novelty-American in the Arctic is dangerous, if you don’t want to perform.
  4. that teaching classes is way more fun than giving mostly-useless presentations about your life in America (especially when that means you get to watch 18-year-old boys sing their own version of ‘Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better’ in a class on modal verbs).
  5. how to use Google Sheets effectively. (In fact, still wish I knew that.)
  6. what I want to be when I grow up. (Also still wish I knew that.)
  7. why my potatoes keep sprouting three days after I buy them. (And still wish I knew that.)
  8. that I should have registered for an absentee ballot before I left the country, or at least a month ago.
  9. that the laundry lady might take off three weeks in a row, so you should change your sheets every time you get the chance.
  10. how quickly the days would get light again! It’s amazing! Future-friends reading this in December in the North: there is hope.


And the sun does sometimes shine in Ukhta!

One thought on “things I wish I’d known: february

  1. Katie, I was just thinking about your “things I wish I’d known posts” today and wishing you had one for February! I also love reading them so much! Hooray for sun and spring!


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