things I wish I’d known: january

Is it the end of the month already? If you say so…

Regardless of the flyingness of time (and the fact that I’ve spent less than half of it in Ukhta, this month), I wish I’d known:

  1. that despite my stubborn insistence to the contrary, my puffy coat really isn’t puffy enough to keep me warm at -30F.
  2. that the extra 5 minutes are worth it to put contacts in when it’s below 0F, because if your glasses ice over immediately when you breathe, you’ll waste even more time wandering around town semi-blind.
  3. how amazing turtlenecks are.
  4. how amazing bryndza is.
  5. that Austrian Airlines probably won’t weigh your carry-on.
  6. that the best/cheapest overnight near Domodedovo is this cozy hotel (to the tune of: $20 for two-way taxi rides and a room for the night, and so warm and friendly!).
  7. that an Oyster card for the London Tube caps you each day at about £7, if you stay in the center-ish, and there is such a thing as a visitor Oyster. So don’t keep buying those paper tickets! However: the paper ticket lasts until 4:30am the following day, so if you need a night bus to Heathrow, you can use yesterday’s ticket.
  8. that “macchiato” means something totally different in Europe than in America. And the European kind is not for the faint of tastebud/dairy aficionado.
  9. never to let someone else help me clean my apartment, lest they put my dustpan in a corner where I can’t find it for a month.
  10. that one day I would really want a Career Center handy, and I should have gone more than once. Because the Fulbright only pushes my need for a job back one year.

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