kids are cute sometimes

You all are on the edge of your seats, aren’t you? “Did Katie survive another class with Igor? Did she ever wear high heels to class? Is she a Real Authority now?”

Well. I did survive. I’m not quitting. I did wear high heels once or twice (progress!!). I will say that first graders are pretty much guaranteed to act up in the weeks before the holidays, and these children are no exception… and I will say further that regrouping the class into girls and boys didn’t help matters. So classes were kind of stressful, and they could get loud, and sometimes there were actual fistfights among the boys (and I thanked God that my arms are still longer than theirs).

But. They learned something. After three months of thrice-weekly classes, these munchkins know all their colors, numbers, letters, basic classroom vocabulary, and a whole bunch of songs. They can also play Simon Says with great accuracy, and some of them can even be an interesting Simon.

On the topic of Simon Says: there is probably literally nothing cuter than the responses you get from six-year-olds delighted in their own cleverness when you tell them to “stand up” without saying “Simon says…” beforehand. “Мои ножки болят, я не могу!” “Ни за что, я не хочу!” “Я не вставал, я молодец!”

Also, as I believe I’ve written already, at the end of the term we had a Christmas concert. It was great. My first graders sang “Jingle Bells” delightfully. My fourth graders really tried their best at “Jingle Bell Rock,” and considering they were the only ones to sing with an instrumental backing track instead of with the actual recording, did quite well. The parents also did pretty well with “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.” …All the same, I think that next semester I will start playing American songs at the start of every class and teach these kids how to clap on the off-beat, so that when they’re thirty they already know how.

For your entertainment, yet another of my interviews at which I turn furiously red, and also some recording of my children ❤


2 thoughts on “kids are cute sometimes

    1. Enjoyed this so much, Katie. But again we had no sound on the computer. You looked so beautiful and I wanted to hear your voice!!


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