things I wish I’d known: december

Gooooodness four months of wisdom already.

This month, I wish I’d known:

  1. that university classes slow way down in December as far as the guest teachers are concerned (to the effect of: have had seven classes for the whole month), because of finals.
  2. that children in every country are extra hyper before the holidays.
  3. not to expect schedules, for any event.
  4. always to expect interviews, at every event. Just in case.
  5. that pomanders make great New Year’s presents, but they take 3 weeks to dry correctly. So probably starting after Christmas isn’t the best idea.
  6. that some of your Russian friends don’t know about chocolate chip cookies and must be educated ASAP.
  7. that pomegranates and persimmons are delicious (not to mention easier to get a hold of in the Far North of Russia than in the Far North of Indiana).
  8. not to waste time trying to teach Russians to clap/snap on the Two and Four, because by the end of the first verse they will slip back to the One and Three. It’s okay. ish.
  9. that skyping with your housemates is a really good thing and shouldn’t be procrastinated till Christmas.
  10. that the Northern Lights will come when you are least expecting them. As soon as you arrive, you need to have a plan to catch them… and also enlist help, in case you need to sleep on somebody’s couch afterwards. Also if it’s clear outside, just never sleep. Basically: 8c574bd9be569bdf85b3a45a8877f91b

2 thoughts on “things I wish I’d known: december

  1. Isn’t stetrotypical Russian music (thinking Trepak in the Nutcracker) strong on 2 & 4? So do you think Russians clap on 1/3 because the other beats are so strong?


    1. Hey Nathan, sorry I didn’t see this until now– That might be true, although I’ll say most Russians aren’t going to clap during a ballet (thank goodness). Clap-y songs like this or this tend to get claps on 1&3 or (actually more frequently) on all of them.


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