apartment tour

“When I get [moved in/everything clean/the dishes done/motivation], I will take pictures of my living space, to share with friends and future-self!” I have said or thought this exact sentence about 50 times over the last five years, in regards to seven or eight different rooms/living arrangements. As a result, I have zero pictures of any dorm room I’ve ever lived in (which was never a problem until I was supposed to make a presentation about American university life, but that’s another story).

Honestly, my living space is literally never going to be photo-ready. Sorry Mom and Dad: you taught me how to clean, but I guess I never mastered getting everything clean at the same time.

So here’s a little tour of my dorm room/apartment in Ukhta.

View from the doorway. On the immediate right: Katie’s coats, scarves, and shoes. On the more-distant right: door to the bathroom. On the immediate left: door to the bedroom. On the more-distant left: backpack, vanity, broom and dustpan. At the end: kitchen, window with plastic covering for warmth.
Kitchen. Table with all-important water, candle, vitamins, and laptop (the latter of which migrates around the apartment).
Kitchen. Cupboard with books and dishes/silverware/spices/dry goods. Shelf with tea (a.k.a. a testament to Katie’s total lack of self-control), shelf with healthy food (bread, butternut squash, spicy pickles), shelf with less-healthy food (chocolate, cookies, more chocolate). Cupboard with plastic bags/gifts to give.
Fridge. On top: drying dishes. Inside: hot mess (cold mess?). Picture taken after finally isolating the source of stink that has haunted me for three days (“isolating” = figuring out it was from the freezer and throwing out everything it could possibly have been).
Bathroom. Washing machine unique in its ability to make your clothes dirtier than when you put them in, un-unique in its ability to catch drips from the shirts you hand-washed earlier today. Take that. Sink that drips constantly. Lemon-mint hand soap.
Shower with more laundry-in-progress and also a totally inscrutable curtain design.
Shower, featuring the sort of head you can’t actually hang on the wall (which is fine).
Bedroom. I make my bed *most* days. I may or may not have made it specially for this photo. Some happy photographs on the wall, plus a picture one of my first-graders drew me while she wasn’t paying attention in class. Nightstand with bluetooth speaker, i.e. best investment ever.
Bedroom. Chair that usually hosts books and/or laundry that needs folded (may or may not have stuffed those things out of sight specially for this photo). Table with no clear purpose except to put stuff on, which I am all too glad to do. Curtains that are always half-closed, because if they’re all the way open, the cold air gets in, and if they’re all the way closed, the radiator doesn’t actually heat the room.
Purple. And a pair of shoes that gave me two weeks’ worth of blisters after two hours’ worth of walking (and have not been worn since).

There you have it. My apartment, for better or for worse, for cleaner or for messier. Come visit sometime!


2 thoughts on “apartment tour

  1. Katie, I don’t see a stove! I know you must have one because I saw a picture of a pie you baked. I am curious about the stove.



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