things I wish I’d known: october

Believe it or not, I didn’t figure out everything I needed to know in September. In fact, some of the things I wished I’d known in September, I would now wish to un-know in favor of something else.

This month, I wish I’d known…

  1. that there is a Baptist church in Ukhta! Who’d have thought. And I wish I could give you information about where it is/who to contact/really anything, but I can’t, because they’re changing buildings next month (I don’t know where to), and there is no website.
  2. that the room that was sweltering in September will be frigid in October (thanks, central heating), so I should not take the insulation out of the window-frames in an attempt to cool down.
  3. that bringing sweaters was a good idea after all, and maybe I should have actually brought more (see #2).
  4. that the water out of the faucets is in fact drinkable when boiled, and it doesn’t taste weird like St. Petersburg-boiled-water or Moscow-boiled-water.
  5. that there will be days when the hot water turns off in the middle of my shower, and it’s okay. Don’t freak out. My conditioner doesn’t actually need to be washed out of my hair to function.
  6. not to expect that anything will be snow plowed or shoveled, ever. It just isn’t how things are done.
  7. to walk where the snow looks dirty, because that’s where they’ve strewn sand to add friction to the un-shoveled sidewalks.
  8. that the “Palace of Culture” is actually really cool and shows cool things.
  9. that the plastic containers food comes in here are not spill-proof and should not, under any circumstances, be put in my purse with my phone. Said purse will be stained forever, and said phone will continue to malfunction for the rest of its tiny lifespan.
  10. that interviews will come and go, and nobody who really loves you will judge you by them anyway 😉

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