it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Sorry I haven’t posted in a blue moon. This week has been… exciting. Probably best and worst week here so far.

Best: The weather has been SO GOOD. I woke up on Tuesday to fairy dust outside (you know, when it’s sunny and snowing at the same time, and it’s basically magic everywhere). And then it was even sunny later!



Worst: At about the time I was taking this second picture, Vickie was being rushed to the hospital with a broken elbow from falling on the ice.

Sad Vickie... good-humored Vickie.
Sad Vickie… good-humored Vickie.

Best: I got to see a sunset this week, and the moon for the first time in Ukhta.


I took this picture on my phone while running across a crosswalk, which is why it’s so blurry. But that greenish glowy thing in between the rows of orangish glowy things… is the moon.

Worst: Did I mention Vickie landed in the hospital on Tuesday? Yeah, she’s still there. Been there all week. (They’ll do the surgery tomorrow, and hopefully she’ll come back soon.)

Best: I went to not one, not two, but three cultural events in the local “Palace of Culture.” These included two monastery choirs and a rock opera.

Monastery choir. Click the picture to go to a recording of the second!
A little different experience than the first two.

Worst: Between concert-hopping and hospital-visiting, my sleep quotient, uh, shrunk.

Best: Actually, hanging out at the hospital isn’t all that bad. I’m discovering my hidden talents as a hairdresser (back-up career option?), and Vickie is very generous with all the chocolate people are bringing her.

Worst: Did I mention Vickie’s been stuck in the trauma ward of a Russian hospital for a week?

Best: I allowed myself to buy another box of tea after two torturous weeks of self-discipline.

Now my tea shelf is a happening place.
Now my tea shelf is a happening place… right on top of my “yellow foods” shelf.

Worst: This tea is my only consolation after I gave an interview with the campus news channel in which I was asked directly about politics, and during which I suddenly forgot every relevant vocabulary word (from “international relations” to “internal politics” to “elections,” all of which I do in fact know), thus making it sound like Americans know literally nothing about anything. I’M SORRY AMERICA.

Best: This interview has not been posted online. (And for posterity’s sake I hope it never will be.)

As you can see, this saga ends on a note of “best.” All in all things are good… I’m healthy… the weather is still nice… and no one need ever see me struggle through miming “election” to a bemused Russian news anchor. Except all the people who watched it on local TV. But whatever. AND Vickie comes home soon!


One thought on “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times

  1. Loved this blog Katie. I’ll be buying and enjoying some new tea today in your honor. Prayers for Vicky for healing and comfort…<3


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