doing stuff

“Say yes to everything… within reason.”

“But also don’t do anything too dangerous.”

“Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity.”

“…except ones that could get you killed.”

Such is the advice I have received repeatedly for the last month, and I take it pretty seriously.

Seeing as today is a balmy 34F and the sidewalks are especially slick, I figured that walking down the street was probably outside of the realm of opportunities I should take advantage of. Dangerous, you know. My feet were not designed with ice in mind.


Canadian four-wheelers, on the other hand… those were designed with ice in mind. So clearly they are the most reasonable, least dangerous way to get around in this weather.

Also it’s kind of hard to get Deep into the Forest any other way.



Of course, going 30mph on any open-topped vehicle demands warm clothes, clothes warm to an extent that my clothes are not. Actually, scratch that. It demands dressing yourself up like a marshmallow-meets-oompa-loompa.

biking 3
You mean my hips aren’t supposed to be wider than my shoulders? And my hands are supposed to come out of my sleeves?
Model-Vickie and German, our fearless driver/ladies’ maid (it’s kind of hard to put a jacket like that on by yourself, you see).

And when you get to Deep into the Forest, it’s nice to have a fire. This fire can be accomplished using the Ryan Gannett method of firewood and “more lighter fluid.”

This fire is useful when your feet get cold, and your fearless driver/ladies’ maid and his father decide to take matters into their own hands.

Literally. But thanks to them neither pair of socks catches fire, so even though your independence feels slightly bruised, you’re okay with it.

You can also go inside the structure made of trees and plastic sheeting to eat ham, cheese, cucumbers, chocolate, blini with beef, and tea. Standard picnic fare, you know.

I was stupid and didn’t get a picture of the outside. Oh well.


And then you can climb down to the river and enjoy breathing real air. And somehow when you’re out Deep into the Forest, the snow and clouds seem entirely clean and pleasant, and you can’t imagine perceiving them in any other way.

IMG_2221 biking 4 biking 1

PS- don’t anybody worry, I didn’t drive. No one was harmed in the making of these photographs. Unless you count my pride, as I was told that my own blood circulation is insufficient for keeping my hands and feet warm. Come on heart, step it up.


2 thoughts on “doing stuff

  1. Dear Artic Cat,
    It looks as though you are doing just fine, melting the snow with your warm smile and attractive attire and keeping your balance on all counts. Mittensramust. You sure look as if you are surrounding yourself with good times with friends and Nature.
    Joy in the LORD!


  2. Katie, you look great and so happy!! However just looking at these pictures makes me shiver!! I notice the boots you are wearing are different from the ones you told about buying in an earlier post which did not have white fur at the top. Be safe…Keep warm…You are loved.



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