how to go to russia: steps 1-14

Dear World,

Allow me to inform you ahead of time that I will be changing locations. If you should like to get a hold of me between September of this year and July of next, please be prepared to get creative or else get patient.

Context: I’m going on a Fulbright to Ukhta, Komi Republic, Russia (aka “North”) to teach English for a year. And if it takes your email as many steps to get there as it’s taking me, I don’t think we’ll have a very lively correspondence (but we can give it a shot).

Here’s what getting to Russia has looked like so far:

  1. Apply. Write at least four drafts of each essay. Pretending you have a 100% confident plan for your future will help.
  2. Wait. About 5 months.
  3. Interview. It’s over Skype with someone in Russia, so it’s at the crack of dawn. Put on makeup and a nice shirt, but don’t bother changing out of your pink penguin pajama pants.
  4. Wait. 2-4 (????) more months.
  5. Get Waitlisted. You’ll hear back within a month if they’ll take you, and never if they won’t.
  6. Wait. Till the end of the month.
  7. Realize You’re Perma-Waitlisted. Guess that’s a no then.
  8. Get Accepted. Wait what? Guess that’s a yes then.
  9. Do Paperwork. Lots of forms, fill them out quick.
  10. Wait. You’ll get your visa Letter of Invitation… soon. Also you’ll get more information about everything… soon.
  11. Read. Every. Single. Word. In every. Single. Handbook. (Seriously, you will live for an email with a pdf attachment. It’s all you ever wanted.)
  12. Wait. When will the next pdf come??
  13. Read. Every book you can find about American history, politics, culture, economy, etc. Because you’ve been so concerned with Russian history, politics, culture, economy, etc. for the last four years that you’ve basically forgotten everything you learned in APUSH.
  14. Wait. Are you sensing a trend here?

In the meantime of my waiting, I’ll start updating you all on Ukhta, my preparatory reading, and everything else relevant I can think to put up here.

До свидания!


One thought on “how to go to russia: steps 1-14

  1. Congratulations Katie! I love your writing style and can’t wait to keep up with your adventures!

    -Michelle (AKA your Mom’s friend and neighbor AKA Chase’s second Mom)


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